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about our campaign

Councilor At-Large Shane Burgo has served his community through active participation in social, economic, and racial justice organizations, all in the name of equity, opportunity, dignity, and progress. In 2021, he was elected as one of the youngest Councilors At-Large for the City of New Bedford, MA and serves as the Chairman of the Affordable Housing & Homeless Affairs committee.

In his first term, Councilor Burgo has championed various initiatives aimed at resolving New Bedford’s housing crisis, addressing substance abuse, and enhancing the quality of life for all New Bedford residents. His deep-rooted connection to the community is evident in his tireless efforts to address the needs and concerns of the people he represents.


With a keen focus on transparency and accountability, Councilor Burgo has been instrumental in promoting open dialogue and accessibility in local government. He actively encourages community participation and works diligently to amplify the voices of his constituents. His dedication, integrity, and passion for serving the residents of New Bedford make him a trusted leader and an invaluable asset to the city's governance.



opioid crisis



We cannot police this issue away. We must invest in our community through treatment centers, economic development, affordable housing, job training, more funding in our education system and after school programs.




Too many of our residents have experienced and continue to experience homelessness in our city. We must look at the zoning in New Bedford and work on incentivizing developers to build more affordable housing that would assist low-income individuals in spending no more than 30% of their income on housing. While also helping connect current New Bedford homeowners to the resources needed for home repairs or improvements.


Constituent Services
& Government Transparency

Constituent Services & Government Transparency

There is a growing epidemic of voter apathy, not only in our community but nationwide. The change must start here at home in our local city or town councils. As a child, Councilor Burgo was always taught that decisions were made by those in the room. But more specifically, by those with a seat at the table. It has been one of those lasting principles that have pushed him to always find that seat at the table. Knowing, however, that at times he may be required to bring his own chair.

As your Councilor At-Large, he will continue his work in the community to not only bring more people to the table but make sure, those that need it, are met where they are and given the access they need to be successful here in New Bedford.




We must make sure we are protecting our elderly and low-income residents from rent-gouging or property tax increases. We need to ensure planning involves participation of the entire community and that we preserve the historical areas of our city, particularly the Cape Verdean and Portuguese communities that are thickly settled here in New Bedford.



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Shane A. Burgo Committee

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New Bedford, MA 02741

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